Anyone watching Leslie and Beverley grow up and then raise their own families in gorgeous central Virginia might easily imagine how My Dog Is a WHAT? would emerge.

Both love animals and have beloved family dogs of their own. Leslie enjoyed years of horseback riding with her mother and sisters, and Beverley always loved the outdoors, especially hiking with her children. Both have spent many hours volunteering at their local animal shelters.

The uniquely crafted book they have created reflects their backgrounds in fine arts: Beverley enjoys drawing, paper cutting and stain glassed projects at home. Leslie started a kids’ clothing business called Kids Knits, designing both hand-knit and machine-knit items.

Twenty years ago they met as neighbors, became close friends in no time at all and realized how much they both enjoy animals, creative arts and children. Their Fine Arts, Psychology and Child Development degrees led to Leslie teaching for 12 years and Beverley for 17 – for a while at the same preschool – a surefire way to observe what makes children laugh and to dream about innovative new projects.

My Dog Is a WHAT? is a book that’s also an activity. It’s a creative way for children (and adults!) to have fun with the playful construction and reconstruction of dogs and dog names. It’s an excuse to be silly with a young friend; to enjoy a new take on Roy G. Biv, the spectrum colors; to flip pages and make ridiculous, laughable combinations. Beverley and Leslie have given us fun and fun only in their delightful book. May the world chuckle with them!