At first there was a friendship between two teachers of Early Childhood Education.

The friendship is strong and longstanding.

Then there was an idea for a lively, unique, interactive, entertaining children’s book for all ages.

The idea grew.

At last there was My Dog is a WHAT?

This engaging book tickles a child’s imagination using many basic learning concepts, including:

  • The different colored pages and matching tabs teach color/rainbow recognition, matching and memory.
  • The dogs’ names created by flipping the pages provide not only humor but teach word recognition, syllabic awareness, and that reading moves from left to right.
  • The use of the tabs and turning of the pages, help with fine motor skills and strengthening pincer grip.
  • The ‘Did You Know?’ page teaches a fact about each breed of dog represented.
  • The overall action of matching and silly-matching the dog pictures and their breed names is stimulating and so much fun!

Leslie Browne and Beverley Crosby, having spent countless hours enjoying books with young children, are convinced that time spent with a child and a book is the most memorable of all playtime activities. When it’s a book that promotes both laughter and learning, what could be more rewarding?